Survival, a review by Cat

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Survival: A Sci-Fi/Horror, where reality begins to bite
Chris Wright

Published January 19, 2019
By Omni UK Publishing
244 Pages

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The space where science fiction and horror clash has been the birthplace of some of my favorite stories. Naturally, when I read that Survival, written by Chris Wright, promised to be a combination of the two, I couldn’t resist.

What would you do one day if you woke up and your best friend had disappeared? Worse, how would you react if nobody else remembered them? Would you continue looking for your lost friend, or would you begin to question your sanity?

These are the questions Survival hopes to answer. Understandably, Danny is having a bit of a rough go at the moment. Losing a friend is never easy. Facing the monster that is hunting your friends? Well, that’s even more difficult.

I will always jump on the chance to read new indie novels because I love how creative they can be. Survival is like nothing I’ve ever read, with a brilliant core concept. It’s dark and twisted in all the right ways, making it a terrifying, haunting read to dive into.

I’ll admit that Survival had a slower start than I expected. However, I strongly urge readers to continue, as the payoff is worth it.

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