April Picks for BOTM

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Every month BOTM makes five to seven books available to subscribers, plus a plethora of add-ons to choose from. Here are Cat’s choices for the month!

April’s BOTM choices are:

-How to End a Love Story (Romance)
-All We Were Promised (Historical Fiction)
-The Wives (Memoir)
-Darling Girls (Thriller)
-Dragonfruit (Young Adult)
-Just for the Summer (Romance)
-The Husbands (Literary Fiction)

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Cat’s Picks:


The Wives – Admittedly, The Wives doesn’t fit into my normal reading niche – but I’ve been trying to do better about branching out of my comfort zone. Given the description (and stunning cover), I knew The Wives was the perfect deviation for my reading life.

A mesmerizing memoir chronicling a woman’s journey as she transitions from her New York City career to becoming part of a community of army wives, offering a deeply personal exploration of marriage, camaraderie, and the significance of human bonds.

Stay tuned later this month for my review of The Wives!


Darling Girls – At first, I felt a little bit of deja vu when looking at Darling Girls. I know I’ve read at least one book with a similar title (My Darling Girl), and I’m even pretty sure that I got it from BOTM. But I love Sally Hepworth and thus knew I’d remember reading one of her books. So, naturally, I had to add this book to my list.

Since their earliest memories, Jessica, Norah, and Alicia have been reminded of their good fortune. As children, they were saved from family hardships and nurtured by a caring foster mother, Miss Fairchild, on a picturesque farm estate, where they were granted a rare opportunity for a joyful family existence.

Stay tuned later this month for my review of Darling Girls!


Dragonfruit – It feels like it’s been a hot minute since BOTM added a young adult choice – at least one that I was interested in (cough cough – fantasy!). This book looks like it has a little bit of everything I’m looking for. And best of all, I’ve never heard of it before! I love finding new books in book boxes.

In ancient lore, the seadragon’s egg, known as dragonfruit, can alleviate profound sorrows, from unwanted marriages to debilitating illnesses and debts. However, every wish comes with a cost. Hanalei, exiled after her father’s theft of a seadragon egg, finds solace in studying the creatures until she encounters a chance to return home and correct past wrongs.

Stay tuned later this month for my review of Dragonfruit!


A Short Walk Through a Wide World – This book may have a long title, but I am all here for it! It’s historical fiction and fantasy, which is really the perfect blending of genres (if you ask me). Also, I love that it’s pitched for fans of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (one of my all-time favorite reads). More, please!

In a riveting blend reminiscent of “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” and “Life of Pi,” this remarkable debut unfurls an extraordinary tale of a woman’s adventurous odyssey across the globe. Fleeing from a mysterious curse that threatens her existence should she ever halt her travels, she embarks on a mesmerizing journey through life’s vast tapestry.

Stay tuned later this month for my review of A Short Walk Through a Wide World!


Daughter of Mine – Last but not least, we have Daughter of Mine. It’s the latest from Megan Miranda (The Only Survivors), so I just had to nab it. Admittedly, I didn’t read the description – I want to be surprised! But I’ll include a quick one down below for you readers. Hazel Sharp, daughter of Mirror Lake’s veteran detective, inherits her childhood home, prompting her reluctant return after nearly a decade away. As drought grips the region and the lake’s water level plummets, old secrets resurface, potentially shedding light on her mother’s long-unsolved disappearance.

Stay tuned later this month for my review of Daughter of Mine!






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