You’ve Been Served, a review by Kristin

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You’ve Been Served
By: Kristen Alicia

Publication Date: June 27, 2023
Published By: Entangled Publishing LLC
352 pages

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When her first dream of becoming a chef at a Michelin star restaurant doesn’t work out, Simone, with the help of a magic 8 ball, decides to go to law school. She finds herself leaving the sunny California skies for Michigan. While she has always easily excelled in her endeavors, law school proved to be difficult for her. Her contracts teacher was not very nice to encouraging, and Simone just couldn’t get her head in the game. Her neighbor, Silas Whitman, is nice to her outside of class, but in contracts class, he embarrasses her. While he seems to be catching feelings for her, she tells him that she can only be friends so that she can concentrate on school. Afterall, Simone is determined to excel at school.

What a great romance book. It is a quick read, with loveable and witty characters. I read this book in a day and didn’t even realize I was reading so quickly! The author did such a great job giving each character a distinct voice with great personalities. There weren’t any extra unnecessary characters or details that didn’t push the story along. There was a reason for every word in this book and that makes me appreciate it even more. The romance didn’t feel rushed, and I could genuinely feel the attraction between the two characters. Above all, what I loved about this book even more was the fact that it is SO relatable. I know that not everyone will relate to it the way that I did, but I too left my home state and went to law school in a different state. I left NY to go to law school in California. Everything that the author wrote about law school was spot on; how tough it is, the types of professors you’ll find, the gunners in the class, and especially feeling inadequate. It brought back so many good (and not so good) memories for me! I was so excited to read this book, and enjoyed it so much, that I am sort of sad it has now ended. I would love to continue the journey of the characters in this book, with a follow up book!


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