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Abby Jimenez

April 11, 2023
416 pages | Goodreads | Amazon

This is the story of Briana and Jacob. They are both ER doctors who hated each other on sight. But, then circumstances (that will be revealed upon reading the book) led them to pretend that they are a dating couple.

As a typical Abby Jimenez story, some parts are laugh-out-loud funny. And some parts are quite serious. Both Briana and Jacob have personal issues they are dealing with.

All the characters are flawed, funny and interesting. There’s a cursing parrot, a grandpa in a wheelchair who demands cigarettes, a brother who needs a kidney transplant, a father who is a taxidermist with a room full of his stuffed animal, a 3 legged dog.

This story has a little bit of everything. It’s funny, it’s quirky. It’s corny, it’s predictable. It’s full of angst. It’s a fun read that keeps the reader turning pages. I was cheering for Brianna and Jacob all the way.

Definitely a feel-good book!

(There is a very interesting Afterword by Ms Jimenez. She gives us a peak of who she is and she explains why she wrote this book. )

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