Your Service Is Required, a review by Cat

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Your Service Is Required
Jeff Walker

Published November 22, 2020
198 Pages

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Are you a fan of dystopian novels with a fair amount of science fiction and technological debate? If so, then Your Service Is Required will be right up your alley. Thanks to the fantastic cover, this book initially tempted me, but the description sucked me in.

Our worst nightmares have come true – machines rule humanity. Two machines, specifically – Angela and Malcolm. It is David 00472’s duty to serve and repair the AI overlords. However, there was no way to predict that Angela would take a liking to David 00472 or that Malcolm would note it.

As you might expect, Your Service Is Required sometimes gets pretty bleak. It’s a dystopian world that portrays one of humanity’s biggest fears. Well, one of the biggest fears since the advent of technology and computers is.

It would be unjust to describe Your Service Is Required as bleak and leave it at that. It is also clever and insightful and a brilliant read full of twists and turns. And when I say twists, I mean that they were genuinely unpredictable!

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