Your Paper Quest – a book box subscription with a mission

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Are you looking to explore a new genre in 2024 and support indie authors? Your Paper Quest has you covered! 

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What to expect: 
📚 Two self-published books a month (250ish pages each).
📚 New theme and genres every month with the goal of finding stories that people love regardless of general theme/genre
📚 Bookish bits, such as bookmarks and notes from the authors.
📚 Invitation to join a book club where you can meet other subscribers and ask questions for the authors.
📚 Monthly interviews with the authors for a more personalised experience.

This book box is UK-based/only.

Meet the Team behind Your Paper Quest

Ryan – Founder

I’m Ryan, and although I never read much growing up, I absolutely fell in love with it as I got older. The timeless stories, the infinite possibilities.

Your Paper Quest has been a passion project of mine ever since I created Ryanspaperadventures, an Instagram account borne out of my desire to document my reading. 

From there I had the fortune of meeting countless authors, while better understanding the types of books that readers enjoyed within the community. This became my inspiration for Your Paper Quest: The desire to help these self-published authors gain more exposure, while helping readers broaden their bookshelves. You belong, and I want to wholeheartedly thank you for supporting Your Paper Quest and helping make this dream become a reality. We can’t wait to continue this journey and uncover more hidden treasures, especially with you by our side.



Steve – Chief Curator
I’m Steve, and I’ve been writing books since I could hold a pencil. A long journey through self-publishing has brought me into the world of indie authors, and opened up a world of fantastic stories that deserve to be shared.

My part in Your Paper Quest is to find the rare diamonds that elude the mainstream, which involves reading through an inordinate amount of books. It is immensely satisfying to pull the gems out of the mire and hold them up to the sun, and championing the self-published community is a task I take to with great enthusiasm.

Great books need great readers, and our job is to bring them together.


For Authors: 

Your Paper Quest is currently open for submissions from indie authors from all over the world! To see requirements and submit your work see their website. 

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