Your Lonesome Loving Harold, a review by Corina

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Your Lonesome Loving Harold
Ashley & Gary Percival

138 pages

January 10, 2024


 Your lonesome loving Harold

This was an interesting yet sweet read of love letters from an era when there were phrases like “a peach of a cold” or using antiquated terms like “swell”. When there was no Internet, no Wi-Fi, but letters. Of course, even with letters there can be miscommunication.

In the Depression jobs were few and for those like this couple being separated because of an age-gap amongst other reasons, it was a frustrating time. Two people who bear all odds against them even through different levels of maturation, found love and stayed in love and had a family. It would have been interesting to see both sides of letters, but you can definitely tell how things went with the couple when it went from “Your lonesome loving Harold” to just “Harold”.

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