You Can Trust Me, a review by Kristin

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You Can Trust Me
By: Kiersten Modglin

Publication Date: June 27, 2023
Published By: Kiersten Modglin
226 Pages

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“Cruises make people do strange things. They give them the freedom to do what they maybe thought they would never do.”

Mae Barlowe takes an annual beach trip to reflect on a terrible day that happened when she was a young child. But her husband and best friend decide to change the plans and go on a couples’ cruise. Mae is not initially happy about this change, but eventually gets on board. There is a stranger on the ship that seems interested in Mae and they start asking questions about him. Then tragedy strikes, and Mae goes missing. They can’t find her on the ship, but she hasn’t scanned her card to get off the ship. So where is she?

I know that I have said this about other KMod books in the past, but this has to be one of her best ones! Absolutely mind blowing. I have read ALL of her books and each time I think I can figure out her mind. I need to just accept that it’s never going to happen. KMod has been labeled as the Queen of Twists and this book does not disappoint in that department. I was right along for the ride in this fast paced novel, but my jaw hit the floor when the first major twist was revealed. Then it hit the flaw again on the very last pages when there’s another major twist revealed. Nothing about this book felt rushed. Everything seemed to be well thought out and well developed. This is a must-read book!


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