You Can Run, a review by Sherry

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You Can Run
Karen Cleveland

336 pages
Ballantine Books
published August 31, 2021

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I love Karen Cleveland books.Β  They drop you smack dab into the action and keep you guessing.Β  Jill Bailey’s a CIA analyst that’s asked to approve a source so those that kidnapped her son won’t kill him.Β  How’s that for a book opening?Β  She does, feels guilty, quits her job and moves on with her life.Β  Now you know it can’t be that easy, right?Β  The past has a way of showing up when you least expect it.

I love in this book that I suspect everyone because anything could be a misdirection. It moved right along and kept me guessing. And let me throw out there that I never guess the ending of her books and this one was no exception. Β 

It feels like it could happen and I connected with the characters. Lately I’ve run into thrillers that I really don’t care what happens, but this book kept me wanting more. And I also really like how she throws in those teaser sentences at the end of the chapter just daring you to stop reading now.

If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced thriller, this is your perfect read for the long weekend.

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