Witchshadow, a review by Cat

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The Witchlands #4

Susan Dennard
Published June 22, 2021
By Tor Teen

464 Pages

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Oh my god. I’ve been waiting SO LONG for Witchshadow – and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! Written by Susan Dennard, this is the fourth novel in the series – and no, it isn’t the final novel. For some reason, certain people kept thinking that. (Thank goodness it isn’t true!).

The Witchlands are being torn apart by war and destruction. All Iseult wants to do is find a way back to her heartsister, Safi. Yet to do that, she must stay alive, which means facing off against untold magic and danger.

There are forces at play in the world. Ancient forces that are going to further complicate Iseult’s journey. Some will act to aid her, while far too many will seek to get in her way.

Word cannot express how much I adored this novel. Iseult’s perspective was everything that I could have asked for and so much more. It was an intense and brilliant read, with lots of surprises involving some of my favorite characters.

For me, this is the book where SO many pieces of the story just clicked. While not every question has been answered (that would require the ending of the series), it was satisfying how much was explained here.

Witchshadow is not a novel that Witchland fans are going to want to miss. The journey of Iseult and her heartsister is rich, intense, and will compel you to keep on reading. No, seriously. I stayed up way too late last night simply so I could finish it all in one go. No regrets. (And yes, I am going to reread it ASAP).

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  1. Diana Peach

    I’m a fantasy fan, Cat, and your raving about the book has me intrigued. I love books that are impossible to put down. Just an FYI, your rating system cracked me up. Happy Reading. 🙂

    • Cat Wyatt

      Thank you! I would sincerely recommend the Witchlands for any fantasy fan that is looking for a new series to check out. The worldbuilding is absolutely amazing!

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