Wish You Were Here, a review by Sherry

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Wish You Were Here
Jodi Piccoult

11 hours 48 minutes
Penguin Random House Audio
336 Pages
Ballantine Books
published November 30, 2021

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I haven’t read a Jodi Piccoult book since I cried all the way home listening to My Sister’s Keeper. It was really dark. I was driving. And every time I’d get myself together, something else happened. So I start to read this book and wonder what I have gotten myself into as this book centers around COVID. The reports of the new variant just as things are getting back to normal made me question my decision, but once I started and met the characters, I was so glad I was reading it.

I am an intuitive reader that most often is reading a twisty thriller, so the shifts in the book were what I expected from the foreshadowing. I appreciate the research the author did to portray a front line healthcare worker and that the main character was skeptical with what was actually happening. I think she nailed my thoughts at the onset of the pandemic.

The more I went on the journey with Diana, the more I liked her. As with all of us, as we experience and grow, our perspectives change. We have a front row seat as Diana’s perspective of her life and the pandemic morphs. And by avoiding the author’s books for so long, I forgot how masterful she is at making the reader feel something. I laughed with Diana and her wry sense of humor and cried with her through her more trying moments.

If you find that COVID is political or it isn’t far enough in your rearview mirror, I’d pass on this book for now, but I enjoyed every moment of my read and highly recommend it.

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