Where We End & Begin, a review by Sherry

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Where We End & Begin
Jane Igharo

368 pages
Berkley Books
published September 27, 2022

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Who doesn’t love a second chance at love? I loved the setting of a Nigerian wedding. I love learning about other cultures as I read. It opens a new world. And I switched back and forth between the audio and print versions and the narrator was fabulous and loved that she is Nigerian.

The things I loved about this book. The second chance story between Dunni and Obinna. We go back and forth from their childhood as they fell in love to the present where they meet again. I loved that there were a few twists or surprises in this mainly romance novel. I read a lot of thrillers so this was a plus for me.

The only real downside is the book seemed a little slow in places and I’m not a huge fan of a slow burn. But that was really my only downside.

So if you’re a fan of second chance romances and don’t mind a slower pace, you should give this one a try.

About the book:

Dunni hasn’t seen her high school boyfriend, Obinna, since she left Nigeria to attend college in America. Before their devastating separation, they vowed to find their way back to each other one day.

Twelve years later, and their vow is a thing of the past. Dunni works as a geneticist in Seattle and is engaged to a man she doesn’t love but one her parents approve of. Her future is laid out for her, and everything is going according to plan until she returns to Nigeria for a friend’s wedding and runs into Obinna. The shy, awkward boy she loved as a teenager is now a sophisticated, confident man. Things have changed, but there’s still an undeniable connection between them.

As they rediscover each other, their days filled with desire and passion, Dunni is reminded of the beautiful future she once planned with Obinna. But when devastating secrets are revealed and the reckless actions of their past bring new challenges, she’s left questioning everything, including if the love that consumed her as a teenager is still worth holding on to.

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