Where They Wait, a review by Sherry

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Where They Wait
Scott Carson

400 pages
published October 26, 2021

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Imagine an app that will shape your dreams. Replacing nightmares with sweet dreams. Would you use it?

Nick is recently unemployed and does a favor for a friend by writing an article for his alma mater about a tech wizard. He heads back to his hometown to research and write the story. As an added bonus, he can see his mother who is in a nursing home after having a stroke that has affected her memory. When he meets with the tech wizard, he’s given an app that claims to relax and help you meditate.

This book really gave me a Stephen King vibe crossed with a twisty thriller. When Nick uses the app, all sorts of weird things happen. While he never dreams, the app causes nightmares. It appears to affect his memory and he isn’t sure what is up. There is a whole cast of interesting characters that I couldn’t decide who he should trust. There are clues that Nick may be an unreliable narrator, but that remains unclear. And things he knew from his past, may not be all true.

I was all in. I only buy into horror that I believe still has a foot in reality and this one did. The further I made it in, the more shocked and scared I was. I sometimes think my ipad can read my mind, so when Nick agreed to test the app, it was like those horror movies all over again where you yell at the TV to not go anywhere alone. And I would never have guessed that ending in 100 tries.

I really think horror fans will like this one. While it starts out slow and normal, the book picks up speed and progresses into a true horror story.

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