When These Mountains Burn, a review by Shelley

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David Joy

G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Publication Date August 18th, 2020
269 pages
Goodreads | Amazon

Oh wow, this book hits hard and tackles addiction in a real way. This is my first book by this author and I don’t know what the heck took me so long, I am kicking myself for not picking this up sooner. Even though this is a very character driven novel what an excellent storyteller Mr. Joy is. Grit lit is a new favourite genre for me and this story shows the far reaches of drug abuse, not just for the user but for their families and the community at large. It also shows that drug abuse can strike anywhere, anytime no matter your background or skin colour.

I loved the writing, the depth of the characters, and the way Joy built the scenes in my mind’s eye. His ability to tackle philosophical dilemmas and complex interpersonal conflicts is amazing. I read this beautifully written and engaging book in a single sitting. I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy character driven plots and readers who are simply looking for a well worded, great story. Mr. Joy has a new fan!

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