What We Could Have Been, a review by Di

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Jess Sinclair

Alcove Press
October 10, 2023
320 pages

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You can’t go home again! That’s what the great Thomas Wolfe wrote. But, maybe you can.

This is Bluebell Shea’s story. She left town suddenly just as she was finishing high school without a word to anyone. Ten years later she’s back again.

Present story and back story. The back story is a bit of a mystery unravelling. The present story speaks for itself.

There are a lot of things happening in this story. There is love, forgiveness, reconciliation, family drama, feuding, and a Fairy Garden. It all comes together nicely.

The characters are believable. There are even two characters that I loved to dislike. Our girl, Blue has some issues but underneath it all, she is a strong woman. I had some problems with her name….who names their child Bluebell? It sounds like it’s left over from the hippie days. But, it did go along with the Fairy Garden.

I like the setting, a small fishing town on the Gulf Coast of Florida. In, fact, the fishing industry is also part of the story. The setting gives a great book cover. Sunset and pier.

Favourite quote from the the book: You are the entire ocean in a drop. (I know, it’s a little bit corny but I like it!)

Quick, easy and entertaining read. Enough drama to keep the reader turning pages.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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