What The Fireflies Knew, a review by Di

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Kai Harris

Tiny Reparations Books
February 1, 2022
288 pages

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This is the story of Kenyatta Bernice, KB for short. She is an 11 year old girl whose life has been turned upside down after her father dies of an overdose and her mother is unable to cope. KB and her teenage sister are sent to live with their grandfather, whom they barely know. And, in a different city.

The whole story is told through the eyes of KB. She is a sad little girl. Her Grandaddy barely talks, her older sister is acting like a typical moody, hormonal teen, she misses her Mom, she misses her home, she is missing her Dad since he died. But, she tries very hard to make the best of her situation. She develops coping methods.

KB is by far, one of the most endearing little girls I have met while reading. She is constantly observing her surroundings, figuring out people, and figuring out situations. She learns how to cope with her new life. She is very intuitive and introspective. I enjoyed watching her relationship develop with Grandaddy. Grandaddy’s character was not as gruff as initially presented. Perhaps a little predictable but it is nice to observe.

The book description calls this a β€œcoming of age” novel. Yes, it is, BUT, KB’s β€œComing of age” is thrust upon her prematurely by circumstances. In my mind, 11 is far too young.

The characters are well developed. This is definitely a character driven novel. They are all believable and relatable. I loved the fact that KB’s favourite book was Anne of Green Gables. Anne (with an β€œE”) is one of my all-time favourite literary characters.

The ending was a little abrupt. But, it was a good ending. I wish the story could have gone on, I want to know how KB grows up. I will miss her.

If there was anything I didn’t like about this book it was the long chapters. I prefer shorter chapters. But, that is totally irrelevant!

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