What Lies in the Woods, a review by Cat

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What Lies in the Woods
Kate Alice Marshall

Published January 17, 2023
By Flatiron Books
336 Pages

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Wow! Guys, if you only choose one thriller to read, please let it be What Lies in the Woods. It’s dark, tense, and has layers of intrigue and mystery. In other words, it’s perfect, and I am in love. This is my first book by Kate Alice Marshall, but I will have to check her backlog now!

It all starts one day in the woods. Three girls were happily playing – enjoying the magic of childhood. Then something horrible happened. Somehow, the victim, Naomi, survived. Though from that moment onward, she and her friends were forever changed.

This book hits hard. It’s brilliant, tense, and has so many elements to make it a compelling story. I loved every minute of it – I seriously couldn’t put it down. I may have gotten a bit cranky anytime anyone interrupted me. In my defense, I was desperate to see how it played out!

Read this book if you enjoy dark thrillers with whodunit vibes and if you loved A Flicker in the Dark.

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