Weyward, a review by Shelley

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Emilia Hart

St. Martin’s Press
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
336 Pages
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Weyward is used in the First Folio edition of Macbeth. In later versions, Weyward was replaced by Weird.

Weyward introduces readers to the Ayres-Weyward family and this is a tale of three women, all from the same family line, we get four hundred years of their history starting in 1619 and ending in 2019. I could have read a whole book on Altha in 1619 or Violet in 1942 as I loved these chapters most. We get all three lady’s points of view in alternating chapters and they are clear, distinct voices.

I am fairly new to the magical realism genre but I am fast learning why it is so popular. This particular book encapsulates many genres other than magical realism, we have some women’s fiction and of course the historical side. What I found most fascinating was Emilia Hart’s ability to set scenery, her way of describing sights, sounds and smells was visceral and I could easily picture all three ladies’ lives in my mind’s eye.

I loved having three strong female leads to read about and cheer on I cared about them and wanted good things to happen to them. I also liked how the book showed that even in the modern age women are still trying to be equal four hundred years later. My time spent with these ladies was simply magical.

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