Weyward, a review by Cat

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Emilia Hart

Published February 2, 2023
By St. Martin’s Press

336 Pages

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Weyward is a tale about three women, all of the same lineage. One was accused of witchcraft; another faced different trials of her time. And then there’s Kate, now on the run from her abusive ex. How will their three stories connect?

I was absolutely engrossed by this narrative, which is told through the voices of three generations of women who recount their experiences of adversity, terror, and perseverance. One of the highlights would have to be how different their stories are – yet how tightly those three narratives weave together. It was masterfully done.

It should be noted that readers may want to exercise caution when approaching Weyward, as it deals with weighty themes. Each generation has faced its own challenges that have to be overcome.

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