Westward, a review by Joanna

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JD Kirk

Audible Audio

10 hrs 48 mins

Published July 12, 2022


Westward is book three in the Bob Hoon quadrilogy (apparently the correct term is tetralogy!) about an obnoxious foul-mouthed disgraced detective who can’t stay out of trouble. These are a spin-off from the DCI Jack Logan series, which I haven’t read – this hasn’t bothered me in terms of the background, as although Jack does appear intermittently, his role in these is quite minor. I’ve listened to the audiobooks in fairly quick succession, and thought the narration was perfect. I loved the first instalment, Northwind, for the uniqueness of the main character, but struggled with the second, Southpaw, because it was all about cage fighting. I enjoyed this one a lot more, as there’s a brilliant mix of action, cunning misdirection, and a hilarious cast of oddball characters, old and new, especially the fearsome Berta.

Having completed his mission and taken down one of the bigwigs from The Loop, a far-reaching crime syndicate, in the last book, Hoon thinks his work is done, but unfortunately they haven’t forgotten him. With a new Loop villain threatening his friends and allies, and his temporary lodgings destroyed, Hoon realises he is going to have to lure them to him for one last battle – back to the place he once called home.
While these books would not be for everyone – those with delicate ears should steer clear – I loved the humour, especially Hoon’s wicked insults, and the tension as characters we surprise ourselves by caring about, like uptight but upstanding Miles, and dim-witted but loyal Iris, face one threat after another. Now there’s only one book left, and it sounds like the best yet – I can’t wait, and luckily, since I have plenty of Audible credits, I don’t have to!

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