Wedding Games, a review by Sherry

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Wedding Games
Evie Alexander

160 pages
Emlin Press
published April 3, 2023

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Have you guys read any of this series? There is romance, laughter and of course spice. I stumbled across one of these on a blog tour and have loved everyone I’ve read. There are great lovable characters. I always root for the main characters to get their act together.

This is sadly the last in the series and is culminating with Rory and Zoe getting married. And with any great rom com, the sailing isn’t smooth but there is a guaranteed HEA.

You get one last chance to spend time with the Kinloch crew as Rory and Zoe get their ultimate wedding. And once last chance to see what is up with the Kinloch crew. I sailed through the novella.

Seriously if you like to laugh out loud while reading, you need to start this series!!

About the book

Say “I do” to Scotland’s wedding of the year!

Wedding bells are finally ringing for Rory and Zoe! But setting a date and saying yes to the dress is a lot more complicated when their mothers are mortal enemies and Rory’s stepfather is a Hollywood star with a death wish.

And if their families weren’t complicated enough, their friends are determined to make the bachelor and bachelorette parties ones they will remember forever – or desperately try to forget…

A castle, a cast of thousands, a superstar who’s lost the plot, and an unlikely stripper. Can Rory and Zoe unravel the tangles in time to tie the knot, or is eloping the only answer?

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