We Were Never Here, a review by Cat

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We Were Never Here
Andrea Bartz

Published August 3, 2021
By Ballantine Books
304 Pages

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We Were Never Here was one of my three August choices for BOTM, and I am so extremely glad that this one came across my plate! This suspenseful thriller was written by Andrea Bartz – the author of The Lost Night and The Herd.

Emily and Kristen have been best friends for years. They’re so close that they make a point of traveling at least once a year. That includes this year, despite the horrible events of their last trip. Yet history seems about to repeat itself, as Emily comes back to find blood and a body in their hotel room.

Back home, Emily can’t seem to let what happened to go. She knows that she should be a better friend right now, but Kristen is letting her help, which is setting off alarms and anxiety that Emily can’t ignore. So instead, she begins to question the truth.

We Were Never Here was a fun and thrilling novel for obvious reasons. I love it when a mystery successfully gets me hooked, forcing me to try and sort through lies to find the truth at the center.

That was very much the case for We Were Never Here. It was impossible at times, to tell the truth from lies, and I can imagine how much more difficult that would have been for anyone involved.

What blew me away was how in-depth and intense this book got. I went into it expecting one story, and instead, I found a book full of layers, as years and years of built-up lies, came to the surface.

Long story short: I adored We Were Never Here and will be adding Andrea Bartz to my growing list of thriller authors that I will automatically buy from.

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