War of Staffs, a review by Cat

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War of Staffs
Steve Stephenson and K.M. Tedrick

Published July 6, 2016
By Black Rose Writing
367 Pages

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Wizards, vampires, and warlocks, oh my! War of Staffs, written by Steve Stephenson and K.M. Tedrick, involves the goddess Adois, a vampire warlock, and an army of dark elves turned vampires. Yes, you read that right!

One of the things I love about so many fantasy novels is how they tend to go above and beyond when it comes to world-building. This is undoubtedly true of War of Staffs. In fact, I would say that their world-building is perhaps my favorite thing about this entire novel.

A lot is happening in these pages, as one might expect when a magical war is on the horizon (actually, it’s quite a bit closer than that). It sometimes gets a little confusing, but things usually clear up after a page or two.

War of Staffs is a brilliant epic fantasy novel, perfect for anybody that has been craving an intense plot set in a fantastical (and carefully crafted) world.

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