Walking with Mr. Smith, a review by Tanya

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Walking with Mr. Smith

Brandon Enns

239 pages

Published June 2019 by Amazon Digital Services

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Book Summary: 

Austin Smith, an aging writer, is in a rut. Outside of Reykjavik, Iceland, Mr. Smith has spent too much time alone in his loft, leaving his creativity to dry up along with his finances. In need of a spark and money to keep a roof over his head, his personal assistant Jeffrey convinces him to embark on a familiar hike into the mountains. It has been many years since Mr. Smith has completed the journey with his now departed wife, and he fears that he is too old and too uninspired to make the trek. With one last shot at redemption, Mr. Smith fears that he can no longer write and that the heartache he still feels for his beloved wife, may finally be the end of him.

With nothing but ground to cover, Jeffrey and Mr. Smith, find themselves in a dire situation away from civilization. It just so happens that they each have much to gain. And lose.

My Review: 

I read this book back in 2019 and it was such a sad and sweet story about family by an author that is often overlooked so I just had to share it.  This is my 2nd book from this author and I’ve been equally impressed with the twists in both stories that I didn’t see coming!

The characters within the story are easily likable and develop along with the story. The way the story was laid out with a past and present interwoven together took me just a minute to get used to the flow of the storylines, but once I had it down I raced through it. I read the book all in one day, staying up late to finish it.

Relationships. Responsibilities. Life Goals. Alternative Plans. Family. Togetherness. Love.

And by the end I had shed more than a couple of tears.

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