Walk Out the Door, a review by Shelley

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Pearl Wolfe and Evelyn Anderton

Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: September 15th, 2022
318 Pages
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I really wanted to like this book so it saddens me that I have to write this review as it is such an important subject everyone should learn more about. The book was just too simply written for my liking and this is not a simple topic. It was like an immature person was talking to me about their relationship troubles.

The book does explore how domestic violence affects everyone around the victim and the perpetrator, especially the children. And I liked how it showed the generational issues with spousal abuse, but I found most of the scenarios too unbelievable and easily solved.

I appreciated that the authors work at a facility that helps educate and end domestic violence, their experience and knowledge do come through, I just couldn’t get past the amateurish and disjointed writing style.

Thank you to the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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