Wait for Dark, a review by Sherry

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Wait for Dark
Kiersten Modglin

5 hours 40 minutes
Dreamscape Media
published July 18, 2023

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The author is a little bit hit or miss for me.  My first book of hers was The Arrangement and that was a home run.  Some others have been more family drama with a little bit of suspense or mystery and those aren’t really my genre.  This one gave me vibes of The Arrangement and had me all in from the start.  You have a husband and wife telling the story with dual narrators, Andrew Eiden and Kim Churchill.

It is fast paced and you are quickly thrown into their weird living situation.  Out of context.  Before you eventually get those details you need to fill in the blanks.  The twists keep you on your toes.  I was never sure if either of them were reliable, even to themselves, and what was true.  There were many a moment that this story was vividly playing out in my mind.  I think that is due to the great match of story and narrators.

And personally I find her books to be most enjoyable as an audiobook.  The listening part of my brain really connects with the twisty story this way.  And the narrators hit it out of the park.  Hitting all the right notes both frenzied and relaxed, as the story called for it.

While this does not knock off The Arrangement as my favorite of her books, this was an enjoyable listen.  If you like to take a break for what I call popcorn fiction, this should be on your radar.

About the book

The Ashleys are determined to build a future detached from the issues of their pasts, and it seems to be working: they’re happily married, in love, established in their dream careers, and closer than ever to being debt-free. But when a mysterious opportunity arrives with an offer they can’t refuse, everything changes.

Soon, they meet her: she’s rich, powerful, single-minded in her goals, and not used to being told no. Worst of all, she knows about the dirty deeds they’ve done in the dark…

If they don’t do exactly what she wants, the ramifications of their secrets being exposed are endless. In a battle of wits against a woman who knows too much, the Ashleys find themselves with an impossible choice to make. Whom do you trust when the only person who can save you is the one who might bring you down?


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