Victories Greater Than Death, a review by Cat

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Victories Greater Than Death
Charlie Jane Anders

288 Pages
Published April 13, 2021
By Tor Teen

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Charlie Jane Anders’ latest novel is their first take in the world of YA science fiction, and it is a thrilling start to this new series. Victories Greater Than Death is the first in the Unstoppable Series, which is such an appropriate name!

Tina grew up knowing that she was different – knowing that she had a mission in life. You see, she’s actually a cloned alien with a human appearance. I know it’s a lot to take in, but she’s had her whole life to get used to that idea.

What’s more intimidating is the legacy that Tina must live up to. Her previous life was a famous commander, one who was a hero and leader to many. Soon, Tina will be expected to step into her shoes and take command herself.

When I finally sat down to read Victories Greater Than Death, I did so with high expectations. I’ve loved Charlie Jane Anders’ previous works (especially The City in the Middle of the Night) and hoped to enjoy this romp through YA.

I was not disappointed. Victories Greater Than Death is an epic adventure that contains a broad and diverse cast, all while showcasing a galaxy of experiences and the battle always to do what is right.
In short, I was blown away by how inspiring this novel was at times. While I enjoyed Tina’s story (naturally), secondary characters’ inclusion is really what made the book come alive in my mind.

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