Unthinkable, a review by Sherry

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Brad Parks

351 pages
Thomas & Mercer
published July 27, 2021

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A thriller leaning a little towards Sci Fi. Nate is a stay at home Dad and Jenny is a high powered attorney. Nate cant figure out why hes kidnapped and told he needed to kill his wife to keep him and his girls safe since he is the most boring person he knows. Based on the age-old dilemma, would you kill one person to save five. What if you could kill Hitler to stop his destruction? A little thought provoking, with most beings not all good or bad, how would you decide these types of dilemmas? This could lead to a good book club discussion.

I was all in. Told in alternating views of Nate and Jenny, the reader is left to try and piece together this cat and mouse game. With the slight dip into Sci Fi, I like that I wasnt sure what was true. The book was always moving the story forward and felt a little unpredictable. There were a few red herrings and a few twists I did not see coming.

You need to be willing to suspend a little disbelief, but I think the reward is worth it. I wish the ending was a little different, but that is all I would change. This reminded me of a less extreme Dark Matter or Recursion. If youre looking for a thriller that is different from the other ones youve read this year, Id try Unthinkable.

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