Unnatural Creatures, a review by Sherry

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Unnatural Creatures
A Novel of Frankenstein Women
Kris Waldherr

345 pages
Muse Publications
Published October 4, 2022

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What a perfect time of year for this atmospheric, Gothic read.  A retelling of Frankenstein but this time about the women.  Outside the normal realm of what I read, I am so glad I picked this one up.  A feminist take on what was originally a male dominated story.  Beautifully written about the tragedies these women suffered.  This one is not for the faint of heart.  It is highly emotional.

For anyone that loves a twist on an old classic.

About the book:

For the first time, the untold story of the three women closest to Victor Frankenstein is revealed in a dark and sweeping reimagining of Frankenstein by the acclaimed author of The Lost History of Dreams and Doomed Queens. 

THE MOTHER. Caroline Frankenstein will do anything to protect her family against the nightmarish revolutions engulfing 18th-century Europe. In doing so, she creates her own monster in the form of her scientist son, Victor.

THE BRIDE. Rescued by Caroline as a four-year-old beggar, Elizabeth Lavenza knows the only way she can repay the Frankensteins is by accepting Victor’s hand in marriage. But when Elizabeth’s heart yearns for someone else, the lives of those she most loves collide with the unnatural creature born of Victor’s profane experiments.

THE SERVANT. After an abusive childhood, Justine Moreau is taken in by Caroline to serve the Frankensteins. Justine’s devotion to Caroline and Elizabeth knows no bounds…until a tragedy changes her irrevocably. Her fate sets her against Victor’s monster, who is desperate to wreak revenge against the Frankensteins.

Stunningly written and exquisitely atmospheric, Unnatural Creatures shocks new life into Mary Shelley’s beloved gothic classic by revealing the feminine side of the tale.


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