Under the Whispering Door, a review by Jana

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Under the Whispering Door

T.J. Klune

Publication date: September 21, 2021
Tor Books

I have fallen in love with T.J. Klune’s writing ever since I picked up The House in the Cerulean Sea in July. Under the Whispering Door is both completely different and somehow exactly the same as Cerulean Sea. 

Wallace Price would like to know why no one is mourning him at his funeral. He thinks, perhaps, it is a cruel joke until he meets his reaper, Mei. Mei magically transports him from his burial to a very particular tea shop, run by a man named Hugo. Hugo is not only the beloved tea shop owner to the locals, he is also a ferryman – a person who helps souls cross over into the afterlife. 

And this is, perhaps, where Wallace Price’s life truly begins. 

Klune is able to write an utterly heartwarming book about grief, death, and hope. Every character is crafted with loving detail, and they leap right off the page and into your heart. I hope his pre-order incentive is a very nice box of tissues, because I cried for the last 50+ pages of this book. Now, you might think that is a huge spoiler – but you need to know that I cry at both happy and sad events. I will be reading everything that Klune publishes until further notice. 


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