Under the Whispering Door

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Under the Whispering Door
by T.J. Klune

384 pages
Published September 21st 2021 by Tor Books

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I’m not going to lie I was cautiously optimistic when I requested this book and boy am I glad I gave it a chance. I have read none of TJ Klune books but the hype of Cerulean Sea + the cover art and blurb of this book just drew me but I am NOT a fantasy reader so I was very unsure once I got my copy…

First off TJ Klune does a phenomenal job at writing his characters. He really makes you love the ones you’re supposed to and dislike the ones you’re not supposed to like. For a fantasy style book there wasn’t a single time I wasn’t completely caught up in this story. What I was not expecting was this book to have any type of love story at all and even better for the love story to be a LGBTQ inclusive love story. I’m not a part of the community but I LOVE seeing representation since we know there’s not enough representation in books.

The story, Wallace is living his life as a self centered character. He’s kind of a jerk and honestly not many people like him. When all of a sudden we wakes up at his own funeral and there he meets Mei, his reaper. Mei is here to take him to the ferryman so he can cross to whatever is next except she takes him to a quirky little tea shop where Wallace must decide when and if he’s going to cross. What comes after death though? This is a question most people have? Wallace isn’t ready to find out? He’s not ready to abandon all that he knows and all that he is.

Our Characters:

Hugo: I LOVED HUGO. He’s such a charing, lovable and quirky soul. I love that Klune’s “quirky” characters and places aren’t over the top and annoyingly so. He just wants to help everyone find their way. Find their journey and find out who they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to do. He also just wants to be their support of that’s what they need. He’s such a sweet soul and deserves all the good things in the world even if he doesn’t always get that.

Mei: Is our lovable reaper. She pretends to be a hard ass when needed. She’s the stubborn one and loud one. When someone is messing with her or her people she’ll make sure you know about it BUT deep down she’s a the biggest softie.

Nelson: He’s a “grumpy” old man. JK He’s Hugo’s biggest support system. Everything he does is for his grandson. He’s everyone’s support system. He’s the teacher of the group, the wise one and it’s clear as day that Hugo get’s his caring soul from Nelson.


Overall this was a 5 star for me. I loved this book and it really makes you think what happens after death and how we should be living each day as if it’s our last. We should be letting our loved ones know how much we love and cherish them but also it’s a cute book. The character arcs are wonderful. The writing is wonderful. 5/5.

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