Twisted Vessels

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Twisted Vessels

Jaysee Jewel

350 pages

Published November 10, 2023



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Blurb: In the floating cities of Maivau, law and order balance on a thin blade wielded by the Arbiter. Her reign is sanctioned by seven immortal, god-like Vessels who can grant ancient magic. A seemingly insignificant rebellion will be the tipping point that disrupts this order by driving together the daughter of an upper city soldier and the son of an undercity beggar.

Orphaned and alone after a disastrous revolt leaves both sides slaughtered, Kairon—whose father orchestrated the rebellion and paid for it with his life—must bow to the whims of the Vessel Gier to survive, obtaining immense magical powers that allow him to manipulate metal. Meanwhile Neia, a descendant of fairies from the upper levels, is driven into the dark underbelly of Maivau by the revolt and becomes enslaved. Her privilege is stripped away, forcing her to consider sacrificing her soul in exchange for freedom.

In Kairon’s harsh, impoverished world, Neia represents morality and innocence. He is willing to risk everything to save her. But if he fails, he will become the Executioner, a debt collector who exacts his own brand of justice on Maivau.

To avenge their families and restore order to this world, Neia and Kairon must become as ruthless as the Arbiter. Will the two of them have the courage and skills to survive this deadly game of cat and mouse, or will they become the very monsters they swore to eradicate?




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