Twisted Love, a review by Kristin

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Twisted Love
By: Ana Huang

Publication Date: April 29, 2021
Published By: Ana Huang
360 Pages

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“Most people thought the biggest sacrifice they could make was to die for something. They were wrong. The biggest sacrifice you could make was to live for something – to allow it to consume you and turn you into a version of yourself you didn’t recognize.”

Ava Chen’s brother is leaving the country for work. He asks his friend Alex to watch over his sister. Alex is cold, calculated, and has a past that has hardened him. As time progresses, he starts to feel something for Ava. Ava is all sunshine and daisies. Even though her last relationship didn’t end well, she still has faith in love. For Ava, Alex is forbidden. He’s her brother’s best friend, but he’s also kind of scary. Both with secrets and pasts that they cannot escape, the secrets are brought to light… and they could destroy them both.

This is your typical acquaintances to lovers with the third act heartbreak. But it’s more than just that. I enjoyed Alex’s secrets, and how vengeful he was against the people who wronged him. I loved that even though Alex thought he knew all the details of what happened to his family, he was shocked to learn something new. I also enjoyed that Alex grew – he was nice to see his transition from hardened person to someone who could actually love. I also really liked Ava’s confidence in trying to face her fears. She had a really good storyline. Huang puts trigger warnings at the beginning of the book, which I really appreciated. This book is for anyone that likes romance books, some mystery, and a lot of spice.


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