Twenty Years Later, a review by Sherry

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Twenty Years Later
Charlie Donlea

11 hours 45 minutes
RB Media
published December 28, 2021

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I was torn on this one.  I loved all of Charlie Donlea’s books, but I am not a fan of 9/11 books or movies.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It really isn’t like his other books and doesn’t entirely focus on 9/11, but actions that occurred around 9/11..

Avery is a television newscaster with a past she would like to keep hidden.  Walt is a retired FBI agent with his own secrets.  They end up working together to shed light on a previous case of his, while Walt has another agenda.  This is a complicated plot with many intertwined storylines and twists that don’t seem overly complicated as you progress through the story.  And everyone has huge secrets they are trying to keep hidden.

I connected with both Avery and Walt and listened to this one over a short period of time because I really wanted to know how the mystery would unfold.  And at one point I was sure I had it all figured out and I was right on a small piece, there was so much more to the ending that I didn’t see coming.  

An interesting aspect of the book is it is based upon finding a new technology using DNA that helps to identify 9/11 victims, which is happening in real life.  Another thing I thought was unique instead of just switching back and forth from the present to the past, when you read about the previous investigation, it comes to life as Walt reads the file.  

The audiobook is narrated by Vivienne Leheny and she does a great job.  Drawing you in without taking over the story.

I’d recommend any of his books for a suspense lover, but this one especially for the crafty way he intertwines the layers of this story.



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