Toxic People, a review by Kristin

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Toxic People
By: S.D. Monaghan

Publication Date: May 4, 2023
Published By: Lume Books
275 pages

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Jenny is part of a wealthy family, the youngest of three. Her father has since passed and she isn’t her mother’s favorite. Jenny married Shane, who didn’t come from a wealthy family. Prior to Jenny’s father passing away, he promised her the house. However, the house belongs to her mother and she rents it from her. Her mother, Vera, has not given her notice that Jenny must vacate the premises in 12 months. Shane almost dies in a robbery of their home. He decides to go after the intruder and they get into a car accident with the intruder dying. But Shane remembers that there was another person in the car. Then Jenny and Shane start to get threatening messages on their phone, that their lives will be destroyed by sunset that night. Who is behind these messages? What could they want?

The beginning of the book started off really well by drawing the reader in. I did enjoy the book; I was just a little disappointed by the lack of dialogue in the book. I did like the idea that the book took place over the course of the day, with flashbacks to the past. What I didn’t like was that the past had way too many needless details. Flashbacks to the past are necessary in this book because it explains how Jenny’s family dynamic became toxic. But I just wish it would have stuck with the need to know details for understanding. I caught on to one twist pretty early, but didn’t not catch on to the other at all. I was shocked at the reveal because I just didn’t see it coming! The language flows nicely, and this is an easy-to-read book. It is enjoyable, especially if you don’t mind that it isn’t dialogue driven and it’s mostly telling instead of experiencing.


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