Too Good to Be True, a review by Cat

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Too Good to Be True
Carola Lovering

Published March 2nd, 2021
By St. Martin’s Press
352 Pages

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This is the story of love, betrayal, multiple versions of the truth, and revenge. With a pitch like that, how could you do anything but immediately pick up and read Too Good to Be True? Written by Carola Lovering, the description was more than enough to get this reader interested.

Skye Starling never thought she could be so happy. She’s finally found the man of her dreams – and he loves her just as fiercely in return. Sure, he may be older, but that’s part of the appeal. He’s more mature in every sense of the word, and he appreciates her for who she is.

Only, things are not as they appear to be. There are two different sides to this narrative, and they tell very different stories. One of a wealth-seeking man who married another woman – yes, another woman. As in, a second wife. Then there’s a tale set in the past, which only further muddles the reality surrounding Skye Starling.

I have a weak spot for thriller novels that portray multiple narratives. I think they do a fantastic job of carrying the story, while creatively obfuscating the truth along the way. Too Good to Be True took that element to a whole new level. A massive game of ‘he said, she said’, as it were.

Admittedly I liked some of the narratives more than others, but that’s really no surprise, is it? It’s easy to sympathize with a love-struck Skye, and much harder to appreciate the harsher counterpart to her story. Yet that is half the point, is it not?

Ultimately, it was the series of twists and turns that both sucked me in and thoroughly impressed me. This is not a psychological thriller I’ll be forgetting anytime soon!

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