To Hook A Star, a review by Kristin

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To Hook a Star
By: Patsi Harvey

Publication Date: September 1, 2022
Published By: Patsi Harvey
337 pages

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“Love makes people do crazy things, push boundaries, seek out the truth.”

Kristy Green is a single mother to Abi. She’s not a single mom by choice. She lost her husband six years ago in a tragic accident. Since then, Kirsty has been grieving, bringing up her daughter alone, and not in a place to let love into her heart. After a job interview in London, she grabs a taxi to go home. Suddenly, a man opens the door looking for refuge. It’s none other than Hollywood star Dillon James, of a popular TV show that Kirsty knows nothing about. He spends the next 90 minutes in the taxi with her, and when she gets out, that’s it. Or is it? Kirsty can’t stop thinking about him, but that’s silly, right? He’s a Hollywood star and she’s a nobody. Not to mention he lives in Los Angeles and her in the U.K. Will he turn out to be more than she ever expected?

To Hook a Star is one of the best romance reads that I have read in a long time. I dare even say that it’ better than some of the more recent Colleen Hoover books that I have read. This book is perfect for fans of Hoover. This book will give you ALL the feels – love, happiness, sadness, and Harvey does a fantastic job of making you feel each and every emotion that Kirsty is feeling, as if you’re Kirsty yourself. My heart fluttered as I read the book, and I’m sure yours will too! I was so engrossed in the book that my son almost missed his bus because I lost track of the time. I didn’t want to stop reading, or put it down, but I also didn’t want it to end. I absolutely fell in love with Kirsty and Dillon. Harvey did a great job of being so careful about the relationship between Abi and Dillon, knowing that a young child’s feelings are delicate when it comes to new men in her mom’s life. The relationship also didn’t feel rushed at all. Dillon James is my new book boyfriend (along with Atlas Corrigan)! I also really loved all the rest of the characters, especially Pip! What a great friend to have! I really hope that Harvey keeps this story going, I’d love to see another book with these ALL these characters. Please, do yourself a favor and run, don’t walk, to grab this book. You will NOT be disappointed!


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