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This Time Next Year
Sophie Cousens

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G.P. Putnam’s Sons
August 1, 2020
352 pages

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From reading other reviews, I was looking forward to a nice fluffy book, hopefully with a bit of substance.

Quinn and Minnie were both born on New Year’s Eve, shortly after midnight and a few minutes apart. Their lives took different routes through life but unbeknownst to each other, they did cross paths a few times along the way. Then, they met on New Year’s Eve, just before their 30th birthday.

And, so began a non-relationship relationship. Minnie spent her life with a chip on her shoulder and Quinn had his problems. I liked the fact that both of their characters were flawed. But, at times I felt frustrated with them…I wanted to yell, Just get on with it!

The one part of the book that I enjoyed very much was Minnie’s business, baking and delivering meat pies to those in need. The staff in her bakery were particularly endearing. They were quirky, funny and loyal to each other. And the recipients of the pies (even though we just met them very briefly) were sweet.

The aspect of the book that I did not enjoy so much was the fact that it seemed drawn out too much. It could have been condensed. Then, the last part of the book tied up all the loose ends too quickly. My mind was thinking, Wait, how we did get here?

The plot, with the proper screenwriter, could probably make a fun rom-com movie. But, as a book, it fell a little short for me. It was just ok, a little disappointing. Not terrible, just disappointing.

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