Third Contact, a review by Cat

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Third Contact
Peter J. Aldin

Published November 14, 2020
391 Pages

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If you love space operas, expansive universes, and high stakes, then you should pick up Third Contact by Peter J. Aldin. Personally, I’m a sucker for a good space opera, so I couldn’t resist when offered to read and review this gem!

The year is 3014, and humanity is still at war. More accurately, the Confederation of Colonies is at war. However, they are a unified front against pirates and other resistors, who want nothing more than to take everything they have worked so hard for. However, a new arrival will quickly put pirates in the back of their minds…

Wow! Third Contact was such a fun read. Science fiction is always at its best (in my opinion) when it has strong characters driving the plot. That is precisely what is happening here, giving readers plenty of reasons to be invested in the story.

Third Contact is split into three acts (I adore the irony/planning here, given the title). I think I enjoyed the first two acts more, though the third served a specific purpose, which it did well! I’m looking forward to reading more by Peter J. Aldin, especially if it is similar to this.

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