The Worst Story Ever Written, a review by Tanya

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The Worst Story Ever Written (Book One of the Vampires, Werewolves and Paranormal Romance Series)
By Nicole Wells

There is so much to say for such a short book! This is approximately 150 pages and I thought it would be a quick read for me. But the sheer amount of information, activity and characters made this anything but a quick read.

The story centers around Jayne, a normal human, struggling writer, living in a magical land. A murder happens at the castle and The Book Fairy comes to collect Jayne for an undercover sleuth/detective job in solving it. Apparently writing murder mysteries means you can be a detective.

Jayne is taken to the Castle where she meets the Royal Family, vampire Princes and all, and begins her new sleuthing job.

So just that summary alone makes this a fun magical adventure. Then you add in all of the characters, most of them magical, and you’ve got a party! Add in lively conversations, puns and fun action sequences and the party becomes a fun one.

The challenges for me with this story are several. There are lots of jokes that felt like they were inside jokes between the author and the characters. I knew the line was funny, and I could kind of conclude why, but I was left out a little bit because I don’t have the history with these characters that the author clearly does (as they are her characters).

There were a lot of events that took place that I felt like I had been dropped into and didn’t really understand. Apparently, Liam is smitten by Jayne. That’s great, but when did that happen since they just met and the couple of times they were together, literally nothing happened between them. There was an artifact bracelet given to Jayne for her to protect herself and use in combat. Super! But it works with hashtags (what’s that now?) that apparently you can change at a whim (how does that happen?) and it can have pretty significant powers but she’s given literally no training on it and of course, it wreaks havoc when she uses it incorrectly. Hmmm

There are also a lot of characters for this being such a short book. This really should have been a full book and if this is truly going to be a series, there is every reason to make these full-length books.

The whole experience with this book reminds me of those really cool dreams you sometimes have that are full of a thousand things going on, are super vivid and you really want to go back to sleep so you can keep dreaming of it even though you know it’s a little bit of a hot mess (and I say that with love). The characters are great, the book was fun and I’d really like to spend more time in this world that the author has created. But the events need to be more in depth, the scenes need to be more stretched out (the race you to the finish pace is too much for me), the characters (especially the side characters) need more opportunity to be explored and the jokes need to include the reader.

Having said all that, fantasy readers that enjoy humor in their stories should definitely grab this book and get introduced to this world!

Thank you to Nicole Wells and BookSprout for providing this book. This is my honest review.

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