The Wishing Game, a review by Cat

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The Wishing Game
Meg Shaffer

Published May 30, 2023
By Ballantine Books
304 Pages

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If there is one trope I will always read, it is books about books. The Wishing Game has that promise, but it’s so much more than that. This book is for the child in your heart, as it digs up memories and cherished moments.

I’m confident that every reader can fondly recall the tale or series that captivated their childhood. Strangely enough, The Wishing Game evokes that enchanting feeling, even though it’s an entirely different narrative. It somehow encapsulates that sense of nostalgia, and I found myself utterly engrossed in it.

Rest assured, there’s a romantic subplot to provide a counterbalance to the other elements of this story. Additionally, there’s a heartwarming adoption subplot that I held dear. In the grand scheme of things, The Wishing Game is a well-rounded narrative with something to offer everyone.

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