The Wise One, a review by Cat

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The Wise One
K.T. Anglehart

Published October 28, 2020
By Kat Biggie Press
254 Pages

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The Wise One, written by K.T. Anglehart is a fantasy novel with supernatural undertones, making it a perfect read for people like me (and you as well, I hope!). Also, can I just spare a moment to say that the cover is gorgeous?

Mckenna has always dealt with nightmares – it seemed like no big deal; everyone gets them, right? Only, it turns out they may actually be a big deal, as mystic blood runs in her veins, and those nightmares may be more real than she would like to admit.

There’s nothing like a good witchy read to improve one’s mood! The Wise One was a delight to read, with complex characters, surprising twists, and a brilliant fantasy world. The latter was my favorite, as the world-building was superb.

If you love Celtic lore, witchy tales, or a magical coming-of-age story, then I can promise you that The Wise One is precisely what you’re looking for.

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