The Wife Upstairs, a review by Cat

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The Wife Upstairs
Rachel Hawkins

Published January 5th, 2021
By St. Martin’s Press
304 Pages

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The Wife Upstairs is Rachel Hawkin’s latest thriller, and this time around it’s a retelling of Jane Eyre – with a few dark twists thrown into the mix, naturally.

Jane has been looking for her bright opportunity for a while now, so when she got the chance to walk dogs for Thornfield Estates, she grabbed it with both hands. One thing led to another, and that opportunity has turned into something bigger and better.

Especially now that she’s met Eddie, the rich widower down the street. Everything is perfect. Perhaps, too perfect? That may not feel like a thing in real life, but in the world of thrillers, it most certainly is.

The Wife Upstairs is one of those books that immediately snags your attention, and does everything possible to hold onto it right until the end. The combination of domestic suspense and classic fiction was really quite clever and had some interesting results.

One of the highlights for this novel had to be the writing format, which carried with it an air of intrigue all on its own. It raised the tensions while obfuscating the truth left and right. Exactly what was needed here.

One final note, for the dog lovers out there: the newly adopted dog is fine, I promise! I know that seeing the addition of a rescue animal in a domestic thriller can be…concerning at times, so I wanted to let that be known.

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