The Visitor a review by Allyson

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The Visitor
Self-published by Tyler Terry
Published November 2nd, 2020
475 pages

The Visitor is a book full of intrigue and mystery. It is set in the same world as Tyler Terry’s dystopian Project Renova series but can easily be read as a stand-alone, self-contained story, which is what I did. However, after reading this one I definitely would love to go back a read the rest of the series.


The Visitor is set in 2024 Great Britain as a virus, bat fever is quickly spreading from town to town. Sarah and her friends go to Hincham, a Norfolk village where Sarah’s uncle left her a cottage with a survival bunker beneath. Unfortunately, People begin dying in the isolated town of Hincham and not due to the pandemic. There is a serial killer on the loose. You follow the friends as the town tries to figure out who this serial killer is. Everyone seems to turn on everyone at one point or another. Also since Sarah and her friends are the newcomers the town instantly suspects them.

The good:

I loved how this book was very character-driven. You got to experience this story through multiple character point of view which really made the story come to life. I also love murder mysteries in general so that part of the plot was right up my alley. Tyler Terry really brought this small town to life. I loved how there were so many different layers to the community and world-building.

The Bad:

At first, I found this book somewhat hard to get into. Mostly due to the fact that the bat fever reminded me so much of the coronavirus, only much worse. I feel like during the pandemic I have been reading mostly romances in part to escape from the real world around us all. If I were reading this book at a different time this might not be considered a negative for me but due to the current circumstances, I did find the dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic part hard to read. Once you got to Hincham and the murder mystery part I started to enjoy the book more and had a hard time putting it down.

This was definitely a good read that I would recommend to anyone the like murder mysteries. Also, this book is available on kindle unlimited which is a plus because I always see posts asking for recommendations for kindle unlimited books.


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