The Vanishing of Margaret Small, a review by Shelley

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Neil Alexander

Embla Books
Publication Date November 16, 2022
336 pages
Goodreads | Amazon

Oh my gosh, this book! I fell in love with Margaret right from the start. What she went through and how she came out of it was astonishing, to say the least. And even though Margaret went through a lot and had such a hard life she is still an amazingly kind and understanding person. Margaret is one of my favourite book characters ever! What I enjoyed most about this story was the fact that it deals with some heavy subject matter in a serious yet sensitive manner. But it is also very heartwarming and surprisingly funny!

I loved the format of the two timelines and reading about Margaret’s “vanishing” and how she coped through it all was eye-opening and shocking. It was also very pleasing to read about her current circumstances and how fiercely independent she had become. The mystery of the notes and letters was surprising and when all was said and done I hugged the book wishing it was Margaret herself.Β All. The. Stars.

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