The Trip, a review by Shelley

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Rebecca Ley

Published July 11th, 2022
340 pages

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This book wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and I liked that about it. This was a study of long-term friendships and how the secrets of our younger selves affect us later in life. It is told in two timelines and I enjoyed getting to know the characters when they were at university. There is an air of mystery as the friends meet for a weekend away, both old news and new.

I didn’t like these characters very much but that didn’t take away my enjoyment of the book at all. The whole time I was reading this I kept thinking “with friends like these who needs enemies?” At first, I thought their behaviour was because they were young but none of them really outgrew their thoughtlessness. I couldn’t stop reading, it was like a car crash you slow down to look at.

I loved the Moroccan setting. Ley paints a portrait of Marrakesh with her words so vividly. The food, weather, and textiles she describes were easily visualized in my imagination. The parts with Star on the roof in Sydney were tense and claustrophobic.

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good domestic drama that sucks you in. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful cover, it is so beautiful and really fits with the story inside.

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