The Swimmers, a review by Cat

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The Swimmers
Marian Womack

Published February 16th, 2021
By Titan Books
288 Pages

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Marian Womack’s latest novel, The Swimmers, is an eco-dystopian novel set in the 2300s, when global warming has caused endless amounts of damage. This Earth is very different from the one we know, and yet some things always remain the same.

The survivors have been split into two. Those who took to the upper atmosphere to continue living their happy lives of luxury. And those who continued to live and struggle on the surface – a surface torn apart by the hands of humanity.

I went into The Swimmers with extremely high expectations, everything about this book made it sound amazing to me. From the cover to the description, even the promise of an eco-dystopia (though the idea is still very haunting and close to home for me).

As such, I was mildly disappointed by what I found when I started reading. It still had that strong premise it promised, but ultimately it took me a lot of work to become invested in the story, and in Pearl’s narrative.

Still, one must give credit where credit is due. While this novel didn’t have all the impact that I was hoping for, it was still fascinating on more than one level. Also, I still really do love that cover, and the implication of massive carnivorous plants. While horrifying, it makes a solid foundation for a dystopian novel, don’t you think?

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