The Sweetheart List, a review by Kristin

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The Sweetheart List
By: Jill Shalvis

Publication Date: June 13, 2023
Published By: Avon and Harper Voyager
352 Pages

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Harper Shaw needs a change in her life. Things have fallen apart, and she needs to make a new start. She heads to Lake Tahoe to open her own bakery. Her bakery, Sugar Pine Bakery, is next to a bar and a bookstore. The bar is owned by the Campbell brothers, and they work there – including the very sexy, Bodie. The bookstore is owned by her brand-new BFF, Shay. Things seem to be looking up. Then a teenage girl comes into her life via coming into the building that is going to be her store. She takes her under her wing and hires her at the bakery. But this teenager, Ivy, has secrets that could change a lot of lives. But Harper soon learns that it’s never too late to start over.

The Sweetheart List is the sweetest book! While this is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything not reading the other books. I take notes while I read so that I can write my reviews. So many of my notes for this book begin with “I love…” So let me tell you all the things that I loved about this book. Shalvis excelled with the chemistry between Bodie and Harper. I loved the small community that Shalvis created, the description at the beginning of the book was detailed and vivid. I loved the Campbell family dynamic, especially Bodie’s mom. And while this book is a romance book, it does focus on familial and friendship relationships as well, which is just another thing that I loved. The relationship between Ivy and Harper was beautiful, especially knowing what Ivy had been through. There are moments in the book that are so heartfelt, so get your tissues because you may ugly cry like I did! There were certain aspects of Harper that I really connected with, and I was rooting for all the characters. Oh, and there’s a beautiful surprise at the end that made me smile. Clearly, you can see that I LOVED this book. I would recommend this to anyone!


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