The Survivors, a buddy review by Allyson and Cat

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The Survivors
Jane Harper
384 Pages
Published September 22nd, 2020
By Pan Macmillan

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Kieran Elliott is haunted by a single mistake from his past. One that nearly cost him everything. Now, he’s going to be forced to confront his history as he heads back to his hometown, where his guilt, and the past, are weighing heavier than ever.

To make matters worse, a body is found on the beach. The timing feels almost too real for some, and it dregs up the past in ways that a simple conversation never could. Once again, questions are rising to the surface.

Allyson’s Review

The Survivors was an intriguing read! I found this book really easy to read, I didn’t want to put it down. The mystery in this book was handled well. A few times I tried to guess where the story was going and got it wrong each time. I loved the way it would flip between what happened in the past and what was currently happening. I felt that gave you a lot of backstories to help try to solve the mystery.

This book was very plot focused, which I enjoyed. That being said I didn’t find the character development to be great. Don’t get me wrong I did like the characters overall but they didn’t have very much personality in my opinion. Throughout the book we are told what happened to all the characters so you do get a sense of what they have each been through, I just don’t feel like I really know any of the characters. Also once the big reveal happened I feel like the book just ended and I was left wondering what happened after the truth came out. However, I really enjoyed this murder mystery, and would highly recommend it.


Cat’s Review


The Survivors was a dark and thrilling mystery, one that captivated me from the very first page. I was immediately captivated by Kieran’s pain and concern, and found myself looking for any details hinting as to why.

From there, it really is no surprise that the second mystery caught my attention and held it. Together, they neatly balanced reveals and building tension, culminating in a conclusion full of twists, complex emotions, and a feeling of catharsis.

How could I not enjoy a read such as that? At times The Survivors did make for a heavy read, as Jane Harper explored concepts of grief and guilt, but for me that only helped to ground the entire story in a sense of reality.

Truthfully, my only regret for this novel is the way it ended. Not the conclusion itself, or the revelations. More just that it seemed to end pretty abruptly. The mystery was solved, and then the book ended. No wrap-ups or anything like that. But as far as complaints go, that’s a fairly minor one.

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