The Sunshine Girls, a review by Kristin

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The Sunshine Girls
By: Molly Fader

Publication Date: December 6, 2022
Published By: Graydon House
368 pages

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Sisters, Clara and Abbie, are mourning the loss of their mother. At the funeral, they are shocked when a famous actress shows up. She tells the sisters that she had been best friends with their mother, like a sister to her, but Clara and Abbie’s mother, BettyKay, never mentioned this person. Kitty, the famous actress, the begins to tell them the story about the side of their mother that they never knew with each having a secret that will be revealed.

The Sunshine Girls is a beautiful and heartwarming novel about all kinds of relationships – friendships, romantic relationships, and familial relationships. Told in alternating timeline between the present and the past, with the past being in first person and the present being in third person, Fader knocks it out of the park with her character development and giving the reader all the feels. There’s no doubt that any empathetic person will find themselves crying at various parts of the book, and not because something sad happened, but because of the beautiful friendship between BettyKay, Kitty, and Jenny. I absolutely flew through reading this book, reading it in just over a day. I did want to know about the secrets that everyone was hiding, but also because I just wanted more of these characters’ stories; I wanted to know more about them as if I was getting to know them to be their friend. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fiction and women’s fiction. A true 5/5 stars!


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